BeerFes Yokohama 2014

Yokohama is home to several major beer festivals. Oktoberfest, at Akarenga in October, is the largest in terms of attendance, with over 100,000 people visiting during its run.   read more »

M`s Dining

If you’re looking to experience both Eastern and Western cuisine in one sitting, then M’s is your place. The actual reading of the kanji in the name is “en-musubu”, which means to form a connection. read more »

Shree Everest Kitchen ()

As brightly lit as if it were a year-long celebration of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, Shree Everest Kitchen offers a cheerful atmosphere for those craving a spicy addition to their day. read more »

Aichiya (Motomachi)

Summer’s here with all its filthy heat. It’s nice to have a place to drop into for a drink during a stroll or maybe in the evening cool. Well, at this liquor store on the Motomachi and Ishikawa-cho intersection you can enjoy some libations selected by an expert for a mere ¥500 coin. read more »

Mister Micawber’s

English teacher, bird expert, 3rd-degree kyudo (Japanese archery) specialist, husband, father. Charles Harper is many things, especially a “hamako” (Yokohama-ite).

read more »

Michael Scott

Tomei’s, the popular California wine bar in Motomachi, celebrates ten years this month. We sat down with owner Michael Scott to hear how it all happened. read more »