Olive Spa

Ever been on a massage date? No, we’re not talking about you and your date massaging each other! We mean actually going to a professional spa together for a long, soothing massage in a shared room. Olive Spa in China Town offers that service read more »


It’s no secret that Japan is a place without a lot of space. The positive side is that this has led Japan to be incredibly innovative when it comes to utilizing space in the most efficient ways. There is naturally a big market for products that enable consumers to live more comfortably with read more »

Rotisserie Artisan (Motomachi)

Just a stone’s throw from our old friends and sponsors Charcoal Grill Green in Bashamichi, a real-deal rotisserie restaurant just opened called, appropriately, Rotisserie Artisan. Yep, this is the same outfit that runs the French restaurant Brasserie Artisan read more »

Jazz Spot Dolphy ()

In addition to its moniker of Beer City Japan, Yokohama is also widely regarded as Jazz City Japan. Jazz Spot Dolphy, one of Yokohama’s many great live jazz bars, is testimony to the claim. read more »

Sumikawa Kei 澄川圭

Lawyer Sumikawa Kei believes that for Japan to become an attractive, internationalized country, then in the realm of law it needs to offer ample support for international residents. It was for that reason, in fact, that he quickly expanded his office read more »

Tom Tyrrell トム・ティレル

Tom Tyrrell is an ambassador of sorts. To others he is a manager. Or a board member. Or a sportsman. To quite a few people in Yokohama, he is The King. We’re talking about Elvis. read more »