Motomachi Christmas

If there’s any place you should go in Yokohama to get into the Christmas spirit, then maybe it’s the Motomachi and Yamate neighborhoods. read more »

2014 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

The annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is one of those g events that bring international attention to Yokohama while also delighting local crowds. read more »

Apa Kabar ()

Named after the Indonesian phrase for “How are you?”, Apa Kabar presents a refreshing environment that captures the warmth and charm of a Balinese street bar. read more »

Hanasaku (Sakuragicho)

As sake makes a comeback in Japan, due in large part to the growing popularity of premium styles read more »

Araki Ayako

She has an interest in drama and, through performing her roles, discovered her real self. She relates that the gap between the performed self and her real self helped her make that discovery. read more »

Hays Japan

Japan faces some big challenges in the labor market. The flipside is that Japan can take advantage of excellent opportunities if it can find solutions. read more »