Twelve Heavenly Generals

In June, I presented images of the Yakushi Nyorai (“Medicine Buddha”) statue at Tokozenji. This month, I’d like to introduce the Twelve Heavenly Generals. read more »

Corner’s Field

Looking for a gift? Or maybe just something special for the home? Motomachi has long been known as the shopping district of Yokohama. read more »

Halenohea ()

For those who endure the infamously long and unrelenting Japanese summer with its humidity and high temperatures, the tropical yet breezy weather of Hawaii would be a welcome change.

read more »

Craft Beer Bar Living ()

Craft beer bars have been sprouting up throughout Japan over the last few years. read more »

Orituru Cider

The rainy season is here. Temperatures and humidity both are creeping up and in that heat, we’ll all want to gulp down something refreshing. read more »

Baye McNeil

Baye McNeil, Yokohama resident, teacher, author, columnist… activist? read more »