Yokohama Triennale is a city-wide art festival that takes place only once every three years, but runs for three inspiring months. read more »

Hays Japan

Why would one of the world’s best recruitment companies open an office in Yokohama? Actually, the question should probably be: why wouldn’t it? read more »

Clever Cafe (Sakuragicho)

You know that satisfaction you feel when you find a really good café for lunch? That’s what we’re feeling with Clever Café. read more »

Hakobune (Kannai)

Over 150 varieties of fine sake. How else could we begin this review? That’s Hakobune’s claim to fame in the Kannai area, but this izakaya offers much more to distinguish itself. read more »

Mister Micawber’s

English teacher, bird expert, 3rd-degree kyudo (Japanese archery) specialist, husband, father. Charles Harper is many things, especially a “hamako” (Yokohama-ite).

read more »

Michael Scott

Tomei’s, the popular California wine bar in Motomachi, celebrates ten years this month. We sat down with owner Michael Scott to hear how it all happened. read more »