Pacific Roots

Pacific Roots is the name of a series of CDs of roots music from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other nations of that southern Pacific region. Produced by local Yokohama label Garden Grove, the series has reached four volumes. read more »

The Room for Brides

A diamond is forever, as the saying goes. But so are wedding photos. Make sure you get them done well.

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Manoa Aloha Table (Sakuragicho)

Yokohama has a bit of a love affair with Hawaii. There’s a yearly Hawaiian festival, many Hawaiian shops, and several Hawaiian-themed restaurants. read more »

Pivoya ()

The Czech Republic is one of the world’s major historic beer cultures, along with Germany, Belgium and England. It was Czech brewers, actually, that pioneered the use of hops over a thousand years ago. read more »

Mister Micawber’s

English teacher, bird expert, 3rd-degree kyudo (Japanese archery) specialist, husband, father. Charles Harper is many things, especially a “hamako” (Yokohama-ite).

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Michael Scott

Tomei’s, the popular California wine bar in Motomachi, celebrates ten years this month. We sat down with owner Michael Scott to hear how it all happened. read more »