Return to the Forbidden Planet

Beam up……climb aboard and join the starfleet crew as Yokohama International School takes you on a musical journey through the galaxies. read more »

Special: Ken Corporation

Finding good housing can be a frustrating experience for Japanese and international residents alike. read more »

Sai-Ryu (Yokohama-Station)

The phrase “going above and beyond your expectations” sums up the kind of experience you will have at Sai-Ryu, the flagship Chinese restaurant at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton hotel. read more »

Mercosur (Yoshidamachi)

Mercosur is a gem of a Latin restaurant hidden at the edge of one of Yokohama’s racier districts, but don’t let the surroundings dissuade you from going. read more »

Special: Regus

Perhaps the biggest early challenge for our business was finding good, affordable office space. read more »

Araki Ayako

She has an interest in drama and, through performing her roles, discovered her real self. She relates that the gap between the performed self and her real self helped her make that discovery. read more »