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Yokohama offers a diverse selection of international cuisine, including Arabian, which had been difficult to find until Al Ain opened just a ten-minute walk from Kannai Station’s south exit. Those looking for authentic meals from the heart of the Middle East should definitely visit this unique restaurant.

Owner and chef Ziad Karam always greets customers with a warm welcome. After arriving in Japan 25 years ago from Lebanon, he worked as the ambassador’s chef at the Embassy of Kuwait, where he served kings and heads of state. In contrast to the seriousness of such a setting, he is quite down-to-earth and his hospitality must have charmed the guests.

For those new to Arabian cuisine, the choices might be overwhelming. Luckily, the menu includes explanations and pictures. For appetizers, try Hummos (¥730), a paste made with chickpeas and garlic; the eggplant, garlic, and lemon dish Mutabal Eggplant (¥750); and some delicious white sesame Arabian bread called Hubzu (¥200). Falafel (¥1100) are delicious croquettes made with beans and spices that you can eat as is, or with tomato and lettuce in a pita sandwich (¥1280). There are also many meat dishes such as the Shish Kebab Mix (¥2380) consisting of skewered lamb, beef, and chicken.

The drink menu has an array of unique options including wine from various Arabic countries (glass ¥680~, bottle ¥3980~) and Lebanese beer (bottle ¥650). There are standard cocktails (all ¥680) and spirits (all ¥680), too. For dessert, enjoy dates (¥600) or Arabic coffee (¥700).

Every Friday and Saturday evening from 8:30 Al Ain has a bellydance show. With a frequently changing lineup, the events bring in both Japanese and international bellydancers. Swing, shimmy and shake on over for a magical evening of traditional Arabic dance and authentic Arabian food.


Naka-ku Yayoi-cho 2-17 Stalk Tower Odori Koen Bld. 1 B1

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日・祝日 17:30~22:30

Closed Mondays

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