April Issue 2017


What a beautiful time of the year. Depending on your perspective, any time of the year can be beautiful, but perhaps nobody would disagree that April in Yokohama is rich with sensory pleasures. The lively buzz of people enjoying hanami fills the air. The scent of grilled food wafts on the breezes. Cherry trees like billowing pink clouds scatter their petals to the wind, reminding us with sweet poignancy how fleeting beauty is. The warmth of sunlight on the skin turns winter into a memory. Fast on the heels of the fading sakura, wisteria blooms in all shades of violet and purple. Azaleas planted along roadsides and sidewalks explode with pastel colors.

In this column, we’re often encouraging you to get out and explore the town. The weather and general mood of April should be enough to lure you out, but there’s all the people, too. Yokohama is a friendly town and the shop owners we know will be happy to see you. Be a part of the friendliness and add some warmth to another’s life! It’s the virtuous circle that makes a town feel like a great home.

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