December Issue 2016


When the end of the year arrives, many of us probably think with surprise, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s here already.” We then begin to reflect on what we’ve accomplished. Maybe a few of us feel the pressure of some unfinished project or task that we’d like to complete before the New Year. And who doesn’t look forward to relaxing during the holidays?

The end of the year comes with many emotions. We hope yours are overall net positive. It helps to be a part of a good community. Yokohama is a big city but feels small; it definitely has a close sense of community. That depends on its residents being active and engaged–with each other, community groups, local businesses and public facilities.

The purpose of our magazine has always been to provide you with information and resources to keep you active and engaged in these things. We hope you’ll take at least one more opportunity before the year ends to go out and discover something new in Yokohama. We think the discovery never ends.

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