December Issue 2017


It’s a gift-giving season for many people in Yokohama. There are sales at shopping malls, department stores and in retail districts like Motomachi. The city is lit up with special illumination in all of its popular districts. Special events–like concerts or extravagant dinners–are everywhere.

For gifts, it’s easy these days to go online and order something. We’re not against that convenience, but please consider visiting a small, privately owned local shop for a unique gift. Yokohama has quite an array of original goods that are associated with the city nationwide, especially food items like Kiyoken’s shumai (Yokohama-style dumplings) or Ariake’s marron cakes.

It’s also a season for reflection. Toward the end of the year, many will probably be thinking back over 2017… We hope your year was a good one. Either way, we look forward to helping you make 2018 an even better one.

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