February Issue 2017


The cold weather that has set in recently may lead you to believe winter will linger, but the Setsubun Festival, which takes place every year around the 3rd of February, heralds the traditional first day of spring. It is also a time when families ward off evil through associated rites and welcome fortune into their homes. While we have no control over the weather, maybe it is possible to manufacture at least some portion of your good luck.
It’s easy to sit inside hiding from the winter chill, but good fortune may need a guiding hand to find its way to your residence. Maybe motivating yourself to get to the gym to fulfill a New Year’s resolution also results in making a new friend. Maybe while attending a jazz performance you find a like-minded soulmate. Maybe your photo of plum blossoms garners you an award. There’s only one way to find out: bundle up and get out there! Lady luck awaits.

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