June Issue 2017


This issue marks the 100th publication of the Yokohama Seasider! These days, we are available in both print and digital versions–the former still free at hundreds of locations across the city, the latter via download from our website. We also have a mobile-friendly website, and active accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us.

100 issues may seem like an arbitrary milestone to celebrate, but one thing is certain: we’ve been proudly producing this monthly magazine for a long time now. The imposing number ‘100’ wakes one up to this fact. We’ve been able to continue for so many years because of the great generosity of our sponsors. Please thank them. We also owe a lot of gratitude to the hundreds of businesses and other facilities that distribute us; please let them know you appreciate getting our magazine. And finally, without readers, there is no magazine. You are always on our minds and we appreciate hearing from you.

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