May Issue 2017


Enjoy the fine weather while you can. Monsoon season is a month away, followed by the heat of summer. Maybe summer is more to your liking, but it’s hard to complain about May in Yokohama. Many will open their windows and get some overdue spring cleaning done. Winter items are packed away, junk gets recycled or repurposed, a new cycle is underway.

That new cycle is true for many businesses, too. With job transfers and new fiscal years traditionally happening in April, new employees start to find their feet in May. It’s a season where hope gives way to confidence and success.

At the Seasider, we happily welcome back one of our former members, Akasofu (nee Masaki) Chiaki, from a nearly two-year stint in Okayama. Sometimes those job transfers cause temporary chaos and stress at companies, but sometimes they work out beneficially for all involved. Whichever boat you find yourself in now, rest assured that smoother sailing is ahead.

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