Mutekiro sets the standard for fine dining in Yokohama. The word “muteki” means foghorn, symbolizing Yokohama’s identity as a port city. The character “ro” literally means “a many-storied building”, i.e. a “grand maison”. Since its opening at a former Motomachi factory site in 1981, the restaurant has achieved landmark status. Suzuki Nobuharu, owner and Yokohama native, aims to create priceless memories for his guests.

All facets of the restaurant embrace the concept of wakon yosai–a blending of Japanese spirit with Western modernity. The interior is adorned with fine works of art including a woodblock print by Yokohama ukiyo-e artist Go’untei Sadahide. Vintage reproduction dishware, antique chandeliers and stained glass windows add to the scene.

Mutekiro is proud of its commitment to using the best local ingredients to create its great French cuisine. The grand menu is renewed four to six times a year depending on availability of ingredients. The autumn lunch course (¥3800) offered a nice sampling. The blanc-manger, topped by a turnip and lobster tartar, made for a fabulous appetizer. Of the main dishes, the porc grillée (grilled pork) with sliced burdock and potato gratin stood out. The double-layered mousse de fromage with red wine and raspberry sauce made for an excellent finish.

If you are passionate about wine, the restaurant boasts three well-trained sommelier and an impressive selection of wine and champagne. The chefs are expected to take on apprenticeships of at least three years in order to master the demands of the restaurant. In addition to the great food and drink, the service is impeccable. Some of the staff are comfortable with English.


Naka Ward, Motomachi, 2-96

Mutekiro website



12:00 ~ 15:00(L.O. 14:30)

17:00 ~ 22:00(L.O.20:00)

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