Noge West End


Noge has been an entertainment district for decades, known for cheap eats and drinks… and also for being a little decadent. It has largely cleaned up, due partly to new entrepreneurs moving in with updated restaurants that appeal to a newer generation, such as Noge West End. This cozy little joint a minute from Miyakobashi offers tasty grilled food, craft beer and domestic cider–yes, you heard that right.

Japan’s fine alcohol producers (sake, whisky, craft beer) are making headlines internationally. Perhaps domestic cider producers will achieve the same. It’s time to explore. The menu features five rotating ciders for ¥900. The bar diversifies with 5 to 6 taps of domestic craft beer in “S” size (200cc; ¥700) and “M” size (330cc; ¥900). Owner Kaji additionally runs El Nubichinom, a standing bar in Miyagawacho known for craft beer, so expect good selection. There’s a four-glass sampler set (¥1400~) where you can mix beer and cider as you desire. The staff are happy to help those new to craft beer or cider with recommendations.

Manager-chef Higashi encourages food and alcohol pairing. Ask him for recommendations or experiment on your own. The changing menu offers a savory array of grilled items for reasonable prices. The style of cuisine ranges from Japanese to Chinese and French (with lots of fusion). Start with the wonderful sampler platter (¥1300~) with fish and vegetables or meat. After that, it’s up to your appetite. There were many items under ¥1000, including cold-smoked clams, and wagyu-and-zucchini stew at the time of our visit.

Noge West End has a long counter and a few small tables, like a sushi bar; it’s intimate. It’s also non-smoking so you can savor the aroma and taste of your beverages. Enjoy them, but enjoy them even more with the great food.


中区宮川町 2-16 藤井ビル1F



M~W 18:00~23:30 / F ~24:00

Sat 16:00~24:00 / Sun 16:00~23:30

Closed Thursdays

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