November Issue, 2016


Autumn is in full swing in Yokohama, though its yellow, orange and red hues may not reach peak vividness until later in the month. While trees lining the streets are reminder enough of the season, we really recommend you visit one of the city’s parks or gardens to enjoy nature’s true beauty. Sankei-en is quite lovely. Neighborhood temples and shrines, too, typically have a few old trees bursting with color.

Yokohama is a rather convenient transportation hub so it won’t be too difficult for you to take a day trip somewhere in Kanagawa prefecture to revel in the crisp autumn weather. We’ve always liked the hike up Mount Takao. Kamakura is an obvious choice, but still a good one. Hakone provides both beautiful foliage and the opportunity to view it from hot spring baths. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast, the Tanzawa mountains offer plenty of great hiking trails.

We hope you enjoy the time with somebody. Company makes memories cherished and strong. As we always note, together we make Yokohama (and Kanagawa!) an even better place.

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