Pinhole Cameras


For the month of June at THE DARKROOM we will be exhibiting pictures taken with pinhole cameras. To explain the concept of the pinhole camera simply, just as the name implies, a small hole is used in the place of a lens to expose the film and capture an image.

First, making the pinhole camera is a bit of a fun exercise.The basic concept is simple and anyone can make one using various materials as long as you get main points right.

Here is one example:







And here is what a photo might look like:






This is a more sophisticated construction:







And these types are available for purchase:







I could go on forever with examples, but discovering on your own what style suits you best is one of the joys of using pinhole cameras. And that’s only half the fun. Taking the photos will also entertain.

The shutter speed will be a few seconds to a few minutes. The size of the hole and the film or photographic paper used will vary depending on the weather. The photo will capture a “flow” of time rather than an “instant” of it.

Develop the photo yourself choosing the size you like and print as many as you deem necessary. Grab a coffee, lay them all out in front of you, and take your time looking them over. It’s a moment of simple bliss.

There are many types of people that have dabbled with photography and cameras, but I think it would be nice if all made it a lifelong relationship. I think you should take a leisurely approach, without rushing it or trying to look cool. And pinhole cameras will make you consider your relationship to photography.

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