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When the sun goes down on Yokohama Port, the blue lights of the Seamen’s Club beckon customers to its harborside locale. Just like a ship is guided by the beams of a lighthouse, people with a love of the ocean head down to this bar to “dock” at their favorite stool or sofa. Guests are greeted by feel-good music and then escorted by the affable staff to seats looking out at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, the Bay Bridge and the harbor. World traveling mariners, cruise fans who love to see the passenger ships entering and leaving port, and couples who fancy the night view all seem to enjoy their time gazing out the window.
Located on the 3rd floor of Navios Yokohama, Seamen’s Club was designed to provide “special moments for those with a passion for the sea.” It has no table charge and you are welcome to make a casual visit for an after-work draft beer (¥650). According to Masahiro Ohno, manager of the bar, crews of international ships frequently visit, and he’s excited when he meets up with those that make a return trip to the bar after some years. To accommodate the requests of foreign guests who enjoy Japanese beer and sake, traditional izakaya menu items such as Grilled Squid (¥700) and Octopus and Wasabi (¥500) are served.
From over 40 kinds of cocktails, try one of their three original, blue-themed cocktails– Blue Anchor (¥900), Blue Navios (¥900) and Nostalgia Yokohama (¥900). Nostalgia Yokohama is a refreshing tequila-based drink with guava and lemon juice. It pairs nicely with their juicy pork spareribs (¥1600). If you’re hungry, try the Dry Curry (¥1200), which is made using a recipe taken from a popular dish that was served on a Japanese liner that formerly cruised to Europe.
Having worked at this bar for almost 15 years, Ohno has witnessed a lot of grand occasions, such as reunions and marriage proposals, and he’s willing to cater to anyone looking to create their own “special moment.” He recommends visiting the bar at dusk, as guests can enjoy the beautiful color of the changing sky in brilliant oranges and purples from the bar’s windows. Spring weather is just around the corner. Why not pick a nice day, grab a comfortable seat, and watch the sky change colors while sipping a cocktail as blue as the ocean?


Naka-ku, Shinko 2-1-1




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